Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Jan 6, 2009

After breakfast, we decided to make a trip back to Tucson. We wanted to check out the Camping World that was there. We found it to be a fairly small store compared to some we have seen, but still plenty of “goodies” to look at and buy. My big find of the day was a folding rocking chair. I just love to rock the day away! We have looked at them before and they were always so expensive. This one was very comfortable---they called it a “wide body” rocker, that probably says it all! Anyhoo, it was priced at $39.99 and we have seen them at least $20 higher. It came home with us along with some vent pillows, a pocket gas leak detector, and some of those expandable rods that hold things in place when you travel. I’m tired of the explosion that happens when I open the medicine cabinet for the first time after a travel day! There were a few other things I would have liked to have brought home, but we gotta keep to some kind of a budget these days. I have not got the rocker out of the box yet, but I’ll post a photo when I do......

After camping world, we headed over to a Jo Ann’s superstore. I didn’t really need anything I just wanted to check it out. DH was proud of me---I did just look--the only thing I purchased was a B-day card for a friend.

Next on the agenda, a late lunch/early supper. We headed to our favorite Mexican place, but this time I passed on the margarita. Our dinner was again very good and soon we were on our way back home.

Back at the fiver, I jumped into my “comfy” clothes and settled in for an evening of tv. There was a new episode of NCIS on and then The Mentalist. DH had to go out and unhook the hoses, supposed to be a low of 28 tonight. I knew the desert would have cooler nights than Florida, but I really never thought it would get down into the 20’s so often.

......and Speedy, don’t you worry, the good times they are a coming---just keep marking those days off the calendar.

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