Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Jan 12, 2009

Another very “normal” day for us. After breakfast, I took the furballs out for our walk. Back at the fiver, I broke out the paint brushes and worked on the “sadie” portrait for awhile. Once again I seemed to be having difficulty getting into my “happy place” to paint. I finally gave up after a couple of hours.

DH contacted a man to come and wash our rv before we leave here. He is supposed to come by tomorrow and give us an estimate.

After supper--steak and acorn squash--I decided to get some laundry done. It seems I was the only one that had that idea. Pretty much had the whole place to myself.

Back at the fiver, I got into the chat room. They were having one heck of a B-day party for Speedy. It included cake and dancing girls---I arrived late and missed out on most of the fun. Oh well, maybe next year!

Looks like we will be staying at Phyllis’s place in Yuma for about a month. Looking forward to meeting them in person and seeing what Yuma has to offer.

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  1. Hey Debbie thanks for joining my party last night. I will have to say that was the best party I have been to in some time. I blacked out after the two ladies came in and danced with me...so I don't remember a whole lot.



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