Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Jan 27, 2009

Interesting day today. After breakfast, DH sat down at his computer and decided to run a diagnostic program. It came up and stated that there were some problems---so, he opted to run the “fix it” program. Before running the program, he did save the hard drive to an external hard drive for safe keeping. Well, the repair program could not “fix” the problem. DH quit the program, shut the computer down and than restarted it. Guess What.......the computer refused to come back.....the hard drive. Somehow the original hard drive was missing----actually it was still there, but no matter what we tried the computer refused to recognize it and we could not re-select it to be the start up drive. The computer would only start up from the repair disc. Long story short, I ended up having to erase the original hard drive and than reinstall the operating system. Now, he needs to reinstall all the software and then move his files from the backup drive to his computer. Moral of this story...if it works, don’t fix it.....and if it says it’s broke, but it still works.......don’t fix it! Mama did save the day!! I was in a panic to “save the day” because DH and I don’t share computers very well.......

Our next excitement of the day----an rv neighbor’s trio of poodles made a break for it! One of them came back immediately when called.....the other two were a little more difficult. Finally, got number two poodle under control, but number three had to be rounded up via “scooter”. Now that was a sight, seeing the owner on his scooter “herding” this little poodle back home. All ended well, within a matter of a few minutes the little “buggers” were back home safe and sound.

My big thrill of the day came towards evening. I put out my humming bird feeder for the first time. I expected it to take a few days before the hummers found it. It only took a couple of hours! It is just so exciting to watch these beautiful little birds in action. My feeder suction cups to my window, I have never been so close to one of these little guys. Just made my day!!! Wow, so much excitement in one day! I sure hope tomorrow is at a slower pace.......LOL

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  1. It's way too cold here to have the little hummers. I'm glad you're feeding them, and they'll have strength to come back up here. Great blog today


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