Monday, January 12, 2009

Jan 11, 2009

Lazy morning! Didn’t really get moving till around 11am. My first order of business was to walk the furballs. Neglected to do that the other day and they were bouncing off the walls for a while! So, we made our trek up to the water tower and back down. I’ll have to get a photo next time.

DH went to the grocery and when he came back I made a couple of our favorite dishes. The first is apple salad and the second is a low carb cheesecake type of dish. DH is a diabetic so I do try to keep the sugar levels down. The “cheesecake” is a no bake, no crust. It consist of cream cheese, splenda, vanilla, and whipping cream---add a few blue berries---and it is a nice little dessert.

Dinner consisted of Tomato soup and grilled cheese. We watch the football game and then somewhere along the evening I fell asleep in my recliner. Didn’t even make it to chat last night!

Thanks for the email address guys---much appreciated!

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