Thursday, January 29, 2009

Jan 28, 2009

Today we had three new neighbors arrive! When the first 40’ class A motorhome arrived, DH and I went out to introduce ourselves. They actually have a home in Sierra Vista, AZ. They figure they will be traveling about 6 months, sightseeing and visiting friends and relatives. We answered their questions about the area and then let them be so they could finish their set up. About an hour later, came a smaller class C motorhome. I believe she is a solo-er, but we have not had a chance to say our howdys yet. Hopefully we will get to chat with her tomorrow. Then after supper, a third large class A motorhome was idling out in front of our rig. DH went out to see if he could be of any help. It seems they had made a reservation, but Southern Mesa had failed to reserve the sight. I guess the desk just told him to drive around and see if he could find a spot. Well, he liked the looks of the one next to ours, but he was not sure he could make such a tight back in. DH suggested he go around to the next lane behind us. There was a small site open behind and to the left of our rig and DH told him to just drive through that one to get to the one beside us. Kinda made his own “drive thru” site. It worked, he was able to pull through far enough to straighten up and then DH helped him get backed into position. We were afraid their rig might block our internet signal, but it didn’t so all was good in the “Goode” household. I have not had a chance to meet this couple, again wanted to “let them be” so they could get set up. Hope to met them tomorrow.

Supper tonight was at the clubhouse. Apparently one of the long term residents used to own a restaurant. She still loves to cook for folks, so she and some other volunteers put together a meal for the park every Weds night. There is a small charge to cover cost of food....$5.00. We had pork roast, mashed potatoes, corn, roll, and dessert. It was very good. The only problem, we arrived a little late and the only table left was out on the little enclosed porched adjacent to the club house. So, it was just the two of us. Next time we will make sure we come a little early, that way we can sit at one of the larger tables and “chat” with more folks. We kinda felt like we were at the “children’s table” on Thanksgiving Day! LOL!

One last little story for you all today. As you know, my name is Debbie. DH has always teased me about the “Little Debbie Snack and Cakes”. I won’t go into details here, just let your imagination run wild. LOL! Anyhoo.... we are listening to the news the other night and they announce a RECALL for Little Debbie Snack and Cakes.........DH looks at me smiling from ear to ear and says, “It’s about time!”..........butthead....gotta love him........:)

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