Wednesday, December 17, 2008

As I said, we woke up to ice. I went to take the furballs out for their morning walk and poor little Belle basically “fell” down the steps and I was almost there myself. Fortunately, I managed to “catch” myself before hitting the ground. Little Belle was somewhat embarrassed, but OK. The steps were covered with a thin layer of ice. They stayed that way the whole day. We had nothing to put on them to melt the ice and we were not about to venture out to do any shopping today. Even the grass was slick.

Internet is still on the fritz. The only contact I have with the internet world is through my iphone--thank goodness that is still working.

We spent the entire day “veged” out in our recliners. Only venturing out when the furballs needed a bathroom break. Each time was an ordeal. I would go down the icy steps first, then help each dog down the steps. What a pain! At least the wind has finally died down.

We are all starting to go a little stir crazy here..........

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