Tuesday, December 9, 2008

We made it almost to Shreveport LA our third night out. Apparently there is some pipe line work going on there and we found park after park full up. Finally found a park that had one spot left and the park was full of construction folks--loud trucks and good old boys on a Saturday night. It was good to be stopped for the night, but the park left a lot to be desired. They charged us $29.00 for the night even though the sign said $26.00. They knew they had us, we had no where else to go. So sad that there are so many greedy folks in the world waiting to take advantage of folks in need. The name of the park is Woods Ranch RV Park, I recommend you NEVER stay there.

We arrived in Forney, TX around 2pm the next day. Bill's brother and sister-in-law were waiting by the exit ramp to the rv park. It is called Lakeside RV Park. The lake looks like more of a pond to me, but this will be home for the next couple of weeks. I will get some pictures and share with you later. It is close to Bill's brother and that is what makes it doable. It is also close to the interstate so we do have some road noise. The good news is we parked on an end lot so the area to the right of us is a nice big open space for the furballs to enjoy. When DH plugged in the surge protecter we found the wiring had been reversed, but the owners came by the next day and put in a whole new plug. Yeah! We also noticed the truck had a low tire. It was the outside tire on the driver's side. DH determined it was a bad valve stem. He wishes they would have put steel valve stems on these tires.

Today we will check out the nearby Wal Mart and look for a place to repair the tire. I think DH is going to have those steel valve stems put on all the tires. Merry Christmas to us!

The weather has been OK. It was warm yesterday, but windy. A cold front is on its way today, but the weekend is supposed to warm back up. I hope so---my little toesy are just itching to be back in flip flops..........

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  1. Glad to hear you are in one spot for a couple weeks. I gotta remember to check those valve stems. Loved the pic of your furball and Bill. I see she is still wearing her bandanna. Didn't she wear it out yet??
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    Jenny J


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