Friday, December 5, 2008

He is so cute! This is Bill upon our arrival at Cypress Lakes RV Park in Calvert City, KY. We arrived there last night around 5pm. It was so cold low 20's. We were afraid we might have to dry camp in a Wal Mart parking lot. We had checked with two parks before this one and one was closed and the other could not accommodate our large of a rig. It is an ok park, certainly fine for an overnighter. There is a small lake--- the pups and I took a walk the next morning to checked it out. I'm sure it is very enjoyable in the summer months. We were sure once we hit KY we would see the temps rise...........NOT!

We were up and back on the road around 10:30 today. We made it as far as Grenada, Mississippi. The temps a little better low 30's but still where is the warm weather!! The park is fine--again we are only staying one night. It is called Frog Hollow and the owners have put "froggys" everywhere. It is very close to the interstate so there is some road noise, but all our windows are closed and the furnace is a running so we are feeling or hearing no pain!
Plus free Internet---always a good thing.

I wanted to also share about my new computer.......Which I am currently doing this entry on Yeah!! It seems the first two companies I had ordered from were both out of California. Apparently, there is a lot of fraud that is occurring there at this time. So, in an effort to protect us, our credit card company automatically blocks any amount over $200 coming from CA. It would have been so nice if they would have informed us of this before we tried ordering. We ended up ordering from Amazon. The had a good price and overnight shipping (which was a must at this point) was only $3.99 and no sales tax. Unfortunately, UPS managed somehow to leave my computer in Indianapolis the day it was to arrive. We had to postpone our get away for yet another day and hope the computer showed up the following morning. It did and life is again Goode!

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