Tuesday, December 23, 2008

December 21, 2008

Another day on the road. We made it to Deming, NM around 5pm. The park we stayed out was called the Hitching Post RV Park (sorry no link for this one). Nothing fabulous here, we had interstate on one side and a busy highway on the other and a train somewhere in between. You could say it was a little noisy, but it quieted down around midnight. There was a Wal Mart and a Dairy Queen close by so we unhitched and had dinner at DQ. Then we made a shopping stop at the Wal Mart.

Another cold night, down into the upper 20’s. We have decided to see if we can stay at the SKP park where Howard and Linda are located in Benson AZ. We are only about 175 miles away, so tomorrow will be a short travel day. If the skp park has room we may stay awhile.......I’m ready for some down time!

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