Wednesday, December 24, 2008

December 23, 2008

First off, I want to say Thank you to all of you that sent Anniversary Wishes. They were appreciated and I enjoyed hearing from you all.

I was awakened sometime last night to the sound of some powerful wind gust and of course the fiver shook with each one. I thought briefly about our internet satellite dish, but we have never had problems with it's stability so I just went back to sleep. Still windy when we woke and no internet. The satellite was still standing, but just barely. I went out and found a large rock to weight down the front leg and that seemed to help. After breakfast, DH went out and re-positioned and once again we have our internet up and running. He left the rock and re-secured everything so hopefully we will not have this problem again.

We finally decided to head out to the dog walk with the furballs. That was fun. Most of the area consist of a dry creek-bed so there was lots of softer sand to walk in and the dogs liked it much better than the rocks around our fifth wheel. They seem to be really enjoying themselves. When we got back to the fiver they settled into their favorite napping spots and we headed out to find the local grocery and Wal Mart.

We found a local Safeway Market. The prices of a lot of their items, especially meat seemed to be on the high side, but they offer a discount through their member card. Just what we need another card to carry around, but we signed up for it to take advantage of the specials. Down the road a bit we found the Wal Mart and picked up a few items there.

Back at the fiver I tried a new recipe for a sugar free lemon pie. It uses sugar free vanilla pudding and sugar free lemon jello. It is very easy to make and pretty tasty! DH is a diabetic so I’m always on the look out for sugar free recipes. If anyone is interested let me know I’d be glad to post it or email it to you.

DH was in the kitchen next to make the dog cookies. Yes, Bill actually makes the furballs their treats. Normally we bake them in the regular oven, but for some reason we could not get the pilot light to stay lit. He tried several times. It would light, but as soon as he released the button it would go out. He is going to get the manual out today and see if he can do some “troubleshooting” on it. That should make for an interesting tale for tomorrow’s post. Anyway, the dog cookies were baked in the convection oven and did just fine. It just takes longer because we have to break them down into smaller batches to bake.

Supper consisted of meatloaf and cauliflower mashed potatoes. Then we snuggled down for a little tv......not much on there so I jumped into the chat room for awhile and then it was time for pie...........mmmmmmgooode.............

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  1. I would guess it is the thermocoupler of the oven. The thermocoupler "tells" the gas valve that there is a flame burning and it is safe to open the gas valve. It is fairly easy to change out and cost under $10 last time I changed one. Goode luck and Merry Christmas.


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