Sunday, December 28, 2008

December 27, 2008

The day started out quite early......little Belle it seems developed some gastronomic problems during the night. So, up and out we went.....the process would be repeated 2 more times before Belle had resolved her intestinal issues. Upon the last outing, just as I was putting the dogs back in the fiver I heard a startling sound. It was the mournful sound of coyotes, howling in the early morning hours. I say mournful, but quite frankly I think they are having the time of their lives out their in the desert. I have to admit, they sounded quite close which was a little unnerving for a city gal. Yet, I stood silently still and listened while they talked with one another. Wondering what the topic of conversation was that evening. Finally, the cold forced me back inside. I’m looking forward to listening in on their conversation again some night, hopefully a warmer one.

We spent most of the morning snuggled up in our blankets, until the temp finally rose above 40. At that point we took our showers and decided to make a trip into Tucson today. I had been looking at various wal marts for the Hoover Nano Sweeper. It is a small compact upright sweeper which has received very good online reviews. The wal mart in Tucson had six in stock so around 3pm we headed out. I decided we had better take our Garmin. I went to retrieve it from an overhead cabinet. I stood on one of the recliners to reach it and I lost my balance on the way back down. I landed on my feet, but with my toes on my left foot somehow curled under. Ouch! I now have a limp when I walk! I wonder if this qualifies me for handicap parking?

We are only about 40 miles away from Tucson, so the drive took no time at all. Wal mart was overrun with folks returning gifts and purchasing new ones. We finally managed to find our way to the sweeper isle and made our purchase. Once done, we decided supper was in order. We found a nice little Mexican restaurant. I decided I needed to have a Margarita, for medicinal purposes, of course. Well, they brought me the largest margarita I have ever seen. I drank and soon the pain of my poor little toes were but a distance memory---at least until we left and I had to hobble back out to the truck! Oh and yes, the food was excellent.

After dinner, we decided to find the Camping World located in Tucson. We did find it, but it was closed so that will have to be another day and perhaps another margarita. It was around 6pm and we headed back to Benson. The furballs were happy to see us return. Supposed to be another cold night on the way..............we will see what tomorrow brings......I’m hoping my toes are feeling better tomorrow.

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  1. So sorry to hear about your fall. Glad you didn't break anything. Anxious to hear what you think of the sweeper. I, too, need something lightweight & small, but especially good at getting up that dog hair!! We should be leaving this cold weather in about 3 weeks.


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