Monday, December 15, 2008

Yesterday was wonderful. There was of course wind, but the temps were in the 70’s. We actually opened up windows and I was able to put shorts and a T-shirt on for the first time since we arrived here in Forney. LOL!

We took the furballs out for a nice walk. There are a lot of dogs here in the park, so we decided to head out to the field surrounding the park to walk our two pups. That turned out to be a big mistake. It wasn’t long before I noticed Cosmo was walking kinda funny. Upon closer inspection, I found several little sticky burs stick to his legs and paws. Belle was covered with them too. I removed as many as I could, but I knew they were just going to be picking up even more as we headed back to the fiver. Next thing, Cosmo managed to get himself tangled up in a thorn vine. His fur protected him from injury, but what an ordeal. Time I had him untangled the dang thing was wrapped around my leg---Ouch! I don’t have all that fur to buffer those thorns. Managed to finally free myself and made our way back to the fiver. The rest of the day or a large portion of it was spent combing out and grooming the dogs. Dh spend the rest of the day washing the truck.

I’d did manage to speak with our neighbor next door and he recommended a laundry mat. He also informed me that the night before last he had been robbed! Apparently he had left some of his equipment outside and unlocked and during the night someone had taken it. The folks that own the campground here also have a warehouse just down the lane and it was also broken into and robbed of equipment. They think it was someone here staying at the park, because next morning the fifth wheel just down from us was gone, left in the middle of the night, and left without paying about 2 weeks worth of lot rent. It is really scary that we were so close to all this, but luckily nothing was out of place here at our fiver. DH has now started locking all the compartment doors and we also make sure the bikes are secured at night. Such a shame.

As evening made its way to us, the wind died down and we actually had to turn on a couple of fans. Settled in and watched a little tv before going to bed. We did close all the windows and made sure the thermostat was set for 65 before turning in. There is another cold front on the way, supposed to be in the low 30’s when we wake with more high winds and clouds. Just another day in

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