Thursday, December 18, 2008

Today is finally laundry day. The temps are into the high 30’s low 40’ so we decided to load up the dirty clothes and head on down to do the wash. It had been a little over 2 weeks so we had plenty. The laundry mat we found was at least clean, but the machines were old. Anyway got the chore done with DH help in about an hour and half. Not to bad since we had about 6 loads.

Headed out to Wal mart next to pick up a few odds and ends. I spied a “chilies” restaurant so we had a late lunch. It was really good. DH had a big burger and I had their Honey BBQ Chicken Tenders....YUM

Back at the fiver DH headed off to once again fill an empty propane tank.

Once DH was back we settled in for a night of leftovers and a little television before bedtime.

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