Wednesday, December 10, 2008

No, Jenny, they have not worn out their bandannas. We put those on them mainly when we are in travel mode. They just love them, though, you can tell by that extra little prance in their steps.

We are still in Forney Tx and it is so cold. Last night we had sleet and temps dipped into the low 30's. Today is cloudy and still the temps have not risen above 31, but the wind is so nasty it feels even colder. We are all wrapped up in sweatshirts and blankeys. If things don't improve by next Monday, we are outta here. I only paid for one week so we can leave without loosing any lot money.

DH did get steel valve stems put on all the tires yesterday. He feels he got a great price. He got all 7 done for $65.00. The stems themselves ran $8.00 each so that was only $9.00 labor. DH was so impressed with the boys that did the work he gave them a $10.00 tip.

Today I'm working on transferring my files from my old computer to my new one. Then DH will inherit my old computer. It is still a great computer, just didn't have a fast enough processor for some of the photo programs I like to run. He usually just surfs the web so he should be fine.

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