Friday, December 19, 2008

Today was spent with family. Dh’s brother came by in the morning for coffee and we had a nice chat. Then we decided on lunch and after lunch we all headed over to the Buckner Nursing Home to visit Mama and talk to the administrator there.

As I have said in earlier post, we are considering moving Mama due to the cost of care at Buckner. Today we filled out papers to see if Mama qualifies for aid thru Buckner. Apparently they have funds available for those who qualify. The board will meet after Christmas and we will have a decision. We all have our fingers crossed!

We also found out Mama may be eligible for some VA money, so we are looking into that as well.

We feel we have done all we can at this point, so we will be moving on come Saturday. We are trying to beat the cold front that is coming Saturday night. We plan to get an early start and drive as far west as we can. I’m sure we won’t completely miss the cold front, but since it is moving east and we will be moving west, we gotta a good chance of minimizing the amount of time it is upon us.

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