Wednesday, December 31, 2008

December 30, 2008

Today is a very special day.....It is my Mom’s B-day. I wish you all could meet her she is one very special lady and I love her dearly. That is the only problem with this rv life........Mom and I are best friends and it is hard not to have her close by.....I miss you, Mom. Hope you had a fab b-day and I’m glad you liked the flowers I sent.

It warmed up rather quickly today. I decided to work on one of my projects. I have a small table that I use behind our recliners. I put a lamp on it and at night it gives us some softer lighting for tv viewing. I found it at an unfinished furniture store and so it needs to be painted. I managed to get it sanded, sealed, and than sanded again ready for the paint coat. Now, I just have to decide on a color. Black would be my first choice, but black seems to attract and show every little piece of lint on the planet. I’m leaning toward a soft green.......gonna have to “think” on that for a while.

After lunch we decided to tackle the mighty foothills again. We are determined to get to the end of that trail we found our first week here. Today we retraced our steps from the first attempt. We went up the big hill past the water tower and up and up and up. The trail finally leveled off and we both felt it would be making the turn back to the park at any moment. No such luck. After about an 1 1/2, we came upon a fork in the path. We decided to take the fork that seemed to head back towards the park. It was not long before the path turned into a dry creek-bed (a lot of those around here). The creek bed had lots of twist and turns, but since we were headed downhill we felt we were ok. As we “sank” into the creek bed, I lost sight of all my landmarks---all I could see were the foothills immediately surrounded us. I was really starting to get concerned when “Look! Up in the sky....It’s a bird, it’s a plane....yes it’s a plane!” I shouted at my husband, “Look they have sent out a search and rescue plane, we are gonna be alright” I was sure the park had missed us, after all we must have been out here for days by now and just to delirious to realize it. But alas, it passed us by and we continued our trek downward. Finally, I began to see signs of civilization as the creek bed dumped us back at our original starting point! Whew! What a relief. I was so afraid we would end up miles from the park and have another journey just to get back to the fiver. What an adventure. We were all so happy to be back to the fiver.....yup, nap time!

After my nap and once I got my legs working again, I did some BBQ chicken on the grill and we finished off our leftover sweet potatoes and green beans. Then it was back to the recliners till bedtime.........

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  1. Happy New Year. Sure hope you hit some warm weather. I enjoy my flip flops also.


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