Sunday, December 14, 2008

Spent most of yesterday visiting DH's brother and sister-in-law. Mama was the topic of the day. Bill and Sonny are going to go over to the nursing home to see what they can work out. I have a feeling we will be moving her to another facility. Time will tell. For lunch we headed over to the fairgrounds where they were putting on a chili contest. Let's just say my lips are still on fire and I had the "mild" version.

When we got back to the fiver the furballs were really wound up, but it was just to chilly to take them on much of a walk. They were antsy all evening and then the wind kick up and that really made them nervous.

Today's temp's will be in the 70's. We have already opened up a couple of windows. DH is going to try and wash up the truck a little. The wind is still with us, so I fear he may get wetter than the truck. I'm going to take the furballs on a nice long walk. I'm hoping to meet some of our neighbors. Most of us have been secluded in our homes trying to stay warm. I really need to find a laundry mat soon, so I'm hoping someone here at the park can point me in the right direction. The park here, does not have much in the way of facilities--basically full hookups and that's it.

Speedy, if you are reading this, we will be here for another week. Hopefully we can find a window to visit with one another.

Thanks to Debbie and Rod for the park info. I would still love to visit the river walk with all the lights, but I think DH is eager to move west to warmer temps. Can't say as I blame him. The weather has just been so miserable, last year at this time we were in Tampa and the weather was marvelous........

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  1. OK so we have somewhat of a plan and we will call you in the morning as soon as we get on the road.

    Joe and Sherri


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