Sunday, December 21, 2008

We made it to Midland, Texas around 5pm yesterday. The first rv park we found turned out to be a very trashy trailer park. We moved on down the road and finally found a park called Midessa Oil Patch RV Park. They told us they were full and we were just about set to get back on the road, when the owner came running out to tell us they had a cancellation. I said a prayer, thanking God for that one. It is a very nice park. All the perks, including a pet "off lease" area. (The free wifi is painfully slow at times). Once we got the trailer set, we took the furballs down to the pet area and they sure enjoyed finding all those other doggie smells. The temp was still in the high 60's so we took them for a short walk after their run.

Back at the fiver, we tuned in the tv and settled in to watch a little before bedtime. It was not long before we were all asleep. Around 9pm we decided to call it a day and head to bed.

At 2am we realized the furnace was not coming on. DH checked the propane and everything was fine there. Came pack in and played with the thermostat. It took a couple of On then Off, but it finally came on and stayed on. HEAT!! Worked fine rest of night. Have no idea what that's about.

This am the temp is around 27. I had to put my long johns back on---not wearing a smile on face--for that one. We didn't have to unhitch last night so we should be able to get off to an early start.............til next time

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