Sunday, April 5, 2009

April 4, 2009

Not much happening today. The wind is a little calmer, but there is more of a 'chill' in the air. Here to the left are the photos of my 'treasures' I brought home yesterday.

We did have a nice chat with some of our neighbors yesterday. We even toured each others rigs---the guys sharing technical info and the gals sharing decorating tips and such. We are all members of Escapees so we talked a little about the SKP parks. One comment that we all agreed on was about the SKP park in Benson AZ. We all felt it was certainly a very nice park with some
friendly folks, but none of us really ever felt welcome there. We all feel there is a real line of division between the folks that lease and those of us just 'renting'. It is almost like there is a different set of rules for the haves and the have nots if you know what I mean. While we might spend a night or two there, most of us would not enjoy a long term visit. We stayed there one month and would have stayed for another if not for that "unwelcome" feeling settling in. We have had none of that at our current spot here at North Ranch. We will definitely come back here again....

After our neighborly chat, I decided to work on the furballs a little. It is that time again and they are both in need of combing and eventually a bath. I think the bath will have to wait til the temps warm a little as we use the outside shower for that job.....


  1. Well we have had to stop collecting any more stuff for the trailer. We are getting too heavy!

    Joe and Sherri

  2. The Ranch in New Mexico is a GREAT SKP park and they will certainly make you feel welcome!



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