Monday, April 27, 2009

April 25, 2009

Been a bit on the lazy side, but here are some photos of Bottomless Lakes. The one above is of Lea Lake and there you see the bath house. There used to be a 'concrete' swimming pool nearby, but due to the collapse and opening of another sink hole they closed the pool and eventually filled it back in. Lea Lake is the only lake you are allowed to swim in.
I think this one is called Pasture Lake and it is kept stocked with fish.
This is our campsite and picnic shelter.

Today we hiked the one and only trail here at Bottomless lakes called the Bluff Trail. It is only about 2 miles round trip, but it does take you by the lakes. Have to tell you though, that something nasty is in the air here. We had not walked very far, when both our heads started to itch, yes itch! We had been batting away some little gnats, but apparently they had been landing in our hair and biting. I have several little "itchy bumps" and so does DH. Next time we where hats...LOL!

The park does have some renovation currently going on.....they are restoring the wet lands surrounding the area to help prevent flooding. I would hope that they will also develop some more hiking trails. All in all, we have enjoyed our stay here and would definitely come back. The weather has been great temperature wise, but we have had our fair share of wind in the afternoons. We have enjoyed watching the "tent" campers come in and set up during these wind storms--LOL. Amazingly enough, no one has lost a tent yet. Tomorrow we see the aliens of Roswell.....

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