Wednesday, April 1, 2009

March 31, 2009 Vulture Mine

Here we are, about to enter into the realm of the Vulture Mine. They take this photo of you for your loved ones--case you don't come back!!
They send you out with a small map and tell you to follow the 'gold nuggets'. Wow! Wonder if we can smuggle any of these out?

Here is the mess house---bet there was some good old country boy cook-in done here

The Hanging Tree. MMMMM, bet that is where those that smuggle out gold nuggets might end up?

This little guy just happened by, stopped, and posed for the camera.

We really enjoyed out afternoon at the Vulture Mine. It was great fun and I took over 170 photos--an artist paradise for textures and lighting. Check out the link above for the history and some photos of the mine. I hear it is also for sale---a cool 6.5 million--and I hear there is still 'gold in them thar hills'!! It is quite an experience and they let you walk around by yourself in and out of all the old buildings. Yeah, you can touch it, climb on it, you just can't actually go down into the mine. We were quite surprised--some of the buildings are in really bad shape, but you are still free to roam. The bad news is the place is continuing to decay and it won't belong before nothing but dust and rusted machinery are left. I hope some one some where steps in and preserves this piece of history. I would, but I just don't happen to have an extra 6.5 million lying around.......

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