Wednesday, April 8, 2009

April 7, 2009

Thanks for all the well-wishes from yesterdays post. I was tired most of the day, but feeling better. Not much to report today. We had planned on leaving yesterday, but DH was waiting on a delivery. After the incident with our satellite, he decided to purchase “The Claw”. Sounds ominous doesn’t it, like something out of an old horror movie. I love those old movies, but I digress. You can check out “The Claw” here It arrived late morning and DH had it installed shortly after. Once it was installed, he started up the internet and even though it showed everything was working---we could not connect. It seems our router has given up. I had noticed our internet speeds had seemed much lower of late, but I just figured it was a hughes net problem since both computers were effected. When I disconnected the router and plugged direct into the hughes modem, we were back in business and traveling at the speed of light---well, maybe not the speed of light--but pretty good for a satellite connection. I’m sorry to see the router go, but we have gotten many years of use and it is probably time for an upgrade at this point anyway.

We are mac people as many of you know. I love my MAC!! So, naturally we are looking at the new Time Capsule. This thing is way cool. Not only does it work as a wireless network, but it is also a 500GB hard drive. That allows you to wirelessly back up your files. You can also add printers to it and make them wireless as well. Now, I don’t know much about the PC world so maybe you guys already have something similar---but I“m looking forward to this purchase. If you want all the details you can access the Apple Site. If your PC will allow that sort of thing. LOL!

DH took pity on my poor tired body today and fixed supper. We had Steak sandwiches and he even cleaned up the dishes. He is such a ”goode“ guy. Of course, he always likes to point out that he was BORN ”Goode“, while I was not ”Goode“ until he married me. Silly man! I may be a Goode by marriage, but I’m a Knight by birth. As in Knights of the Round Table--fearless, noble, adventurerous ---he’s lucky to have me...LOL! I try to point that out whenever I can..... :-)

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  1. Thanks for posting a link to the Claw, my DH is looking to buy two of them!


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