Saturday, April 25, 2009

Two Day Post April 23 and 24, 2009

We did make it to Roswell. We just didn’t get our internet satellite up till yesterday. We drove into Roswell around 3pm and headed to the Wally World. We really didn’t need a lot, but we had some time to kill before we could check in at the park. The Wally world has a flying saucer and an alien painted on the front of it and there is a whole section of alien souvenirs available inside. What a hoot!! After our “alien” experience at Wally World we headed to Bottomless Lakes. As we turned into the campsite area, the camp-host met us and checked us into our site. We have a nice large and fairly level site. Full hookups and mostly gravel. We also have a sheltered concrete pad with a concrete picnic table and free standing grill at our site. All very nice. There is not a lot of room between neighbors, but more than most rv parks. We are nestled in around the largest of the lakes....Lea Lake. We can see it through our dining window. The cost is around $20.00 per night for full hookups--that includes the tax. There are other sites with just electric and water for less around $14.00 plus tax. We got ourselves all set up and just “chilled” for the rest of the evening.

Today (April 24) we awoke to a beautiful sunny day with temps in the 60’s heading into the high 80’s today. After breakfast, we took the furballs down to the lake. I was really surprised when little Belle took the first plunge......she usually doesn’t care as much for the water as Cosmo. Today both furballs really seemed to enjoy their wadding....Cosmo even went out for a little swim. Don’t worry the lake has a large shallow area and it is crystal clear----but, it does go to a depth of about 90 feet. I was in the water with the pups and they were still on their leashes. After our little dip, we went back to the campsite. After the pups were dry and back in the fiver, we got on our bikes and headed to the visitor’s center. A really nice volunteer took us through the exhibits which explained the history of the park and wildlife. We enjoyed it very much. Back at the fiver, it was time to start the charcoal up for our pineapple burgers. We ended up taking the furballs back down to the lake for another swim. The temps were close to 90 by then so both pups were ready to cool off---by the way---the water was not that cold and I imagine by early summer it feels pretty good. They do have a large swimming area available at the lake for humans, with a bath house, life guards, and concession stand during the summer months. You can also put small boats or rafts out on the lake. Well, this post is getting I’ll close for now. More about the park and some photos in the next post.

Darn, almost forgot! Thanks to everyone who left names for our adopted Carlsbad Bat---no decision has been made yet, but we have lots of good names to choose from---thanks and I'll post her name once we make the decision.....


  1. Well Sherri and I were excited to see that you had posted. We were wanting to know about Roswell and the aliens...LOL Wally World sounds like a hoot and I guess we missed it when were there. Heck! Oh well keep the post coming and be sure to get us some pictures.

    Joe and Sherri

  2. Sounds like a nice park, will have to add that to my list.. Any pictures?

  3. We were at Roswell, stationed with the Air Force, back in 1966 for a couple of years, and those lakes must have grown. Back then they were large holes in the ground and a huge swimming pool that never had water in it. Sounds a whole lot nicer now. But we did believe that the people had seen the aliens.
    Kathy aka Roadkill


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