Sunday, April 12, 2009

April 11, 2009

Here we are, all set to go on our Queen Ann's Mine tour. Deep within the Mule unforeseen dangers and delights all round.....LOL

It was a good day for the Mine tour. Cloudy, cold and rainy---someone said it even snowed a little while we were in the mine. Course, it is not exactly warm down in the mine ( a balmy 47 degrees), but it was dry and no wind. We do recommend this tour, we learned a lot and it was fun!!

After the tour, we decided to head down the road to find the infamous Bisbee Breakfast Club. We hear they have great food, but alas they were closed.......don't dis pare----down the road a little further was the infamous Jimmy's Hot Dog Stand. They welcomed us with open arms. I had the Chicago Dog with all the fixens while DH had a "Sea Dog"---as you might have guessed this was a foot long fish stick. Oh, don't ask........I have no idea why a hot dog place is selling a fish stick. DH said it was delicious! We topped off our dinners by sharing a piece of homemade pecan pie! Oops! There goes that waistline again.

Back at the fiver, we settled in for the night. Since it was a chilly evening, DH fired up the oven and did a batch of dog cookies for the furballs. I curled up in the recliner and read a book. Tomorrow------well, we shall see what the day brings......

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  1. Neat, hey ask Bill if he has a recipe for "kitty cookies",,,,




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