Wednesday, April 15, 2009

April 15, 2009

Today was laundry day and I had quite a few loads to do. The manager of the park was cleaning the restrooms which are adjacent to the laundry. We were chatting back and forth and she was complaining about the men’s restroom. It brought back a childhood memory, which I shared with her and I thought you all might get a kick out of it too. I was about 5 yrs old and visiting my Great Grandparents. Every Saturday my Great Grandparents cleaned the local Moose Lodge. I always got to go and sit at the bar and my Great Grandfather would fix me Shirley Temples. I thought I was ‘big’ stuff. At one point, I decided to follow my Great Grandmother around and see what see was up too. She headed into the men’s restrooms to clean and I followed. I had never been in a men’s restroom before and when I came upon the urinals.....well, looked like the perfect place to wash my hands--so, I did. Oh my goodness, I remember to this day my Great Grandmother screaming and rushing across the room. She quickly grabbed me and took me into the women’s restroom where she scrubbed my hands for what seemed a very long time. All the while, telling me to never, never do that again. She never explained why, but I never went into the men’s restroom again. I don’t remember the exact day that I realized what I had done---but I will never forget my poor Great Grandmother screaming and all that hand washing that followed. LOL!

We are having another very windy day here, but we did manage to go down and see Shady Dell RV Park. Shady Dell is a trailer park which features old, or maybe vintage is a better word, travel trailers that one can rent and stay in. You don’t ‘travel’ anywhere with them, you stay right there at the park. It was fun taking a look at them, but I would have loved to had been able to see the inside of one or two. There was one there that reminded me of the ‘Long, Long, Long Trailer’ movie with Desi and Lucy.

After our short sight seeing trip it was back to the fiver. I decided I’d better do a little cleaning cause tomorrow is travel day. I’ll let you know where we end up---somewhere in New Mexico.........most likely Las Cruces


  1. Hi, I had a 53 Silver Streak Clipper with the "alien eyes", like the one at Shady Dell. So I looked up their site and they had inside pictures of the vintage trailers that are for rent.
    Happy Trails, Penny, TX

  2. The Long Long Trailer. Now that was a good movie. I watched that way back when...way before I ever dreamed of living in one. Yes the old trailers are cool to look at but I think I'll stick with mine for living LOL

    Joe and Sherri

  3. That's FUNNY,,,,,,,,,super place to wash your hands,,,right? Girls are O So Clean. I raised 3 boys,,,they NEVER wanted to wash their hands,,,,,,LOL
    Thanks for telling that on yourself!!


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