Thursday, April 2, 2009

April 1, 2009 Pressure Pro

Today was a sit back and relax day. After a late breakfast, I took the furballs up to the doggie area and let them run a little bit. Once back at the fiver, I suggested to DH we get on the bikes and see if we could find Mike and Pat McFall at home. We knew they were here at the park, they own a lot. DH was also interested in talking with them about the Pressure Pro System. Off we went and sure enough it didn't take long to spot that big maroon truck. The door to the fiver was open so we gave a holler and out they both popped. We sat outside and had a very nice chat. Then they showed us the inside of their truck and explained all about the Pressure Pro System. We absolutely fell in love with the truck and Pressure Pro. Sooner or later and I hope sooner, we will have to have our own heavy duty truck. We did purchase the system and DH was able to easily install it later that same day. We also had a taste of some of Mike's Swampwater.....not to bad. Click on the McFall link (blog) above to learn how you can have your very own taste of Swampwater.

We had a nice salad for dinner and then it was off to the recliners for a little tv before bed......Tomorrow we are planning a trip to the Hassayampa River Preserve.

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  1. Bill & Debbie...

    I tried to leave a comment earlier and it said it didn't go through so I'll try again.

    Thanks for stopping in to see us. We really enjoyed visiting with you both. We love to visit with new friends who are just starting the full-time lifestyle. It brings back some of the excitement of when we started full-timing 14 years ago.

    Enjoy your stay at North Ranch and stop by any time!!


    PS: We had a couple of hits on our PressurePro website from this post on your blog. Thanks!!


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