Monday, April 13, 2009

April 12, 2009

Easter Sunday........HOPPY DAY EVERYONE!

We had a pretty slow day, nothing much to do with most things being closed for the Holiday. We did venture downtown late afternoon. I had been to the Ghost Tour website and it looked like they were going to have a tour tonight, so we thought we’d see if we could get a bit more info downtown. Unfortunately, no one was around and with the weather being cold and windy it did not take long for me to talk myself out of the whole thing. They only do the tours on the weekends, we will be leaving on Thursday. BOO-HOO no ghost for me---big sigh of relief for DH.....

Back at the fiver, we jumped in the truck and took a little ride around Bisbee and explored some of the surrounding area. Great scenery and colorful was a pleasant afternoon.

After the drive, we did our usual recliner/tv evening till bedtime. Tomorrow the wind is supposed to finally stop blowing and the temps should be in the mid 70’s. We will probably do a little more ‘hiking’ in downtown Bisbee. There is so much to explore and I know lots more photos to be taken.


  1. Sherri and I plan on doing some of that small town exploring when we hit the road. There is not much cost in hiking around town and seeing what there is to see. So many small towns have so much history to learn about. Can't wait for our turn.

    Joe and Sherri

  2. There are a couple nice little Mexico cross/over towns just south of you.....Not near as touristly as most. Pat and I have been across at Naco and Douglas....

    Sierra Vista is a nice place, we spent a lot of time there several years ago as the oldest Son Michael was stationed there in the Army...




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