Friday, April 3, 2009

April 2, 2009 Hassayampa River Preserve

Today was our day to visit the Hassayampa River Preserve. You can click on the link to learn all about it. We enjoyed our hiking, but were disappointed in the wild life. This area is supposed to be known for its great birding opportunities. We could hear them, but we sure could not see them. Even when we stopped and sat on the benches in the observation area, we just could not zone in on them. I think we took all but one of the trails. The most strenuous trail is a rocky climb up to the top of the hill where you can look down over the treetops across the river valley. That was the highlight of our hiking day. The remaining trails are pretty much a level easy walk through the trees. There is a small pond, where we sat and watched the ducks for awhile.

Back at the fiver, I decided we would go down and visit with Mike and Pat during happy hour (4:30pm). We had a nice visit and found out the closest Wally World location :-) I think that will be our road trip for tomorrow. Time to stock up!

We plan on leaving here on Tuesday. Heading, well, we are not quite sure yet. We think we may go to Cottonwood and spend a few days at the Dead Horse Ranch State Park. Originally we thought we might go northeast from there and over to Santa Fe and spend some time, but the weather sure do look COLD there. I think we may turn back south and go down to Carlsbad and check out the caverns instead--we also missed the town of Bisbee when we were in Benson and I would like to check that out as well. Which ever direction we go, it is time. Got that 'hitch-itch' once again...........

We have decided we will definitely head west again in the near future, but this time we would like to make a late summer and early autumn trip and spend some time in the north west. We had hoped to do some of that this trip, but spring don't come early there---they are still seeing the 20's and 30's up north and we have decided life is to short to be COLD if you can help it!! I am also hoping this is our last "early" journey back to Indiana as we need to be back by May. As my Daddy says, "It's just too damn cold there!!"


  1. Let me know if you decide to come by Cottonwood.... windy as all get out today!

  2. Deb, we were in Cottonwood in Nov and loved the area, even though it was pouring rain. It is definately a place we will go back to. Go for it, if you can..


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