Tuesday, April 28, 2009

April 27, 2009

We arrived in Amarillo around 3pm--we lost an hour with the time change. We are staying at the RV Oasis. Very nice. Everything is concrete here and no great views, but the sites are level and the price is right. They do have some grass planted around the perimeter and that made the furballs very happy. They haven’t seen grass in months......just sand and those awful burrs. They actually almost ‘tiptoed’ out onto the grass, I think expecting the worse. It didn’t take them long to realize this was the real thing and then the fun began. Lots of running and jumping and general, “We can’t believe it’s grass”, excitement.

We plan on being here about 4 days. Unfortunately, we had a bit of bad luck. Upon leaving our last campsite, we could not get the left stabilizer leg to completely lift back into position. We were lucky, we did get the fiver hitched. DH managed to get enough pressure off the foot that he could at least retract the lower half manually. The motor was working, but the foot would not raise. Our second piece of luck, when we arrived here at the Oasis, there was already a RV repair van here. We inquired at the office and they highly recommended the guy. After registering, DH stopped and told the man our problem. He said he would stop by and take a look when he finished the current job. He did and he is going to get the part we need----not sure how long this is all going to take at this point. Hopefully, we will know more tomorrow. In the meantime, it is a good thing the sites are level cause we can’t unhitch. That also means we are ‘stuck’ here at the park---no sight seeing or anything else till we get this fixed and can unhitch. Well, I guess it all can’t be smooth sailing--especially if your last name is ‘Goode’......LOL

Interesting ‘small world’ moment.....we met the folks that are currently having their rv repaired. During the course of the conversation, the gentleman was telling us about a new type of electric stabilizer which a friend of his will be marketing soon. Turns out the ‘friend’ is someone we already know. In fact, his partner is a long time friend of the family. They are the folks that developed and sold us our Fifth AirBorne Sidewinder hitch. Now, it seems they are off on a new adventure. At any rate, our new friend, ED, got out his cell phone and called Sonny (one of the developers of our hitch) and DH was able to talked to him about the new stabilizers he is now developing. In fact, once we are back in Indiana, we are going to give him a call and set up a meeting. Ain’t life Grand.........

CORRECTION: DH has informed me that what I have been referring to as 'stabilizers' are actually called 'landing gear'......what would I do without him...LOL!


  1. Hey Debbie,

    Glad to hear the park is nice. Gina & I will be there in June as we pass through on our way to the Grand Canyon. At least the family members can enjoy a little grass since ya'll cannot go siteseeing.LOL

  2. Debbie, we have kids that live in Amarillo so when we were there last we checked out the Oasis RV Resort and thought it looked like a great place for us to stay next time we go for a visit. Hope you enjoy your stay in Amarillo and can see some of the quirky things in town like Cadallic Ranch and the "off the wall" signs posted all over town. lol Also, a must see is Palo Duro Canyon. And go and enjoy "The Big Texan"

  3. Palo Duro is the greatest a must see. Too bad about the landing gear. Let us all know why it broke and what we should watch for in the operation of ours. It might help many of us avoid the same problem.

  4. Hi Deb & Bill,

    Sorry to hear about the landing gear problem but it sounds like it happened at the right time and place. Isn't it strange how things happen? Keep us posted on the new electric system. We have the "Big Foot" system and absolutely love it. Just push a button and you're level. We'll never have another rig without it.

    Enjoy your stay in Amarillo.

    Hugs..........Pat and Mike


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