Thursday, April 9, 2009

April 8, 2009

Today was no day of rest for either of us. Tomorrow is travel day so there is bunches to do to prepare for departure. I did my cleaning thing--and made sure all the cabinets are in travel mode. DH had the more difficult job. He decided to rotate the tires on the truck. No easy job considering there are six of them, but he got it done. I also took some photos of the garden here at the park. I’ll try to post some photos soon---there were some hugh Easter cactus in bloom.

I did a little baking. We had bought a large batch of strawberries the other day. DH decided he wanted some strawberry shortcake. So, being the 'goode' little wife that I am, I made him a low sugar pound cake.

Today was supposed to be a very windy day, that is why we postponed our leaving till tomorrow. The wind, however, for most of the day was not bad at all. The temps were dropping and by late afternoon I had to grab a jacket. We went over to Mike and Pat’s to say our farewells. We enjoyed our visit and are looking forward to meeting them ‘down the road’ again sometime soon. And don’t forget---if you need a pressure pro system ( and Pat are your ‘go to’ folks---great product and great folks to deal with, it don’t get any better in my book!

Back at the fiver, we decided a good bowl of chili was in order for supper this evening. Then about 8 or 9pm it hit. The wind came with a vengeance, shaking and rattling the trailer. We even got a few sprinkles of rain. The good new is that it didn’t last very long---I think a couple of hours and it was all over with :-)

So, tomorrow we roll.....after the chill I felt in the air today, I think we shall head back south to Bisbee. We will probably hang out there through the weekend.

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  1. How cool is that We got a piece of land today and should close on it next week. It is bare naked land no trees no nothing. Oh well it will give us something to do when are refueling...

    Joe and Sherri


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