Monday, April 20, 2009

April 19,2009

Today is our ‘day of rest’. We pretty much did nothing all day. I think around noon we did go up to the clubhouse and trade some paperback books. They also keep a frig stocked with ice cream and candy which is available to us ‘ranch hands’. It is run on the honor system. The prices are listed on the front of the frig, you just drop your coin in the money box, and pick out your treat. The freezer is stocked full of Swan’s drumsticks and ice cream bars. I had not had a Swan’s Silver Mint bar in years and it tasted mighty fine. The bad news is that it is all to easy to go up and raid the frig at all times of the day or night. Out here in the middle of nowhere, they don’t even lock the doors to the clubhouse. So, if you want a midnight snack--it is available.

We did talk about our travel plans from here. We have decided to stay here at the Ranch until Thursday. Then we will be heading toward Roswell and a state park known as the ‘Bottomless Lakes’. We would like to stay there through the weekend, if I can get reservations. I have tried unsuccessfully to do so by internet, so tomorrow I will call the 800 number and hopefully get it done. From the Bottomless Lakes we will head through the Texas panhandle and then Oklahoma. We were going to try and be home by the first week of May, but we seem to be moving slower than expected......LOL! I guess time will tell.......

After supper, we settled into our recliners for some television. Turns out television was a bust for the night---absolutely nothing on. DH hit the computer to work on his diesel fuel spreadsheet and I tried to start a book. For some reason, I just was not into reading so I ended up turning in early. Tomorrow we plan to check out an attraction known as the ‘Living Desert and Zoo’. I hope I get some good ‘critter’ photos to share.......


  1. Love your journsl entry from the 19th. I am behind on reading blogs so I have to catch up today. Seems you are both having a good time and that is what it is all about. Take care and stay safe.

    Joe and Sherri

  2. Oh my gosh, we would be in trouble just knowing those goodies were available at all times. Hubby would be up there in the middle of the night for sure....

  3. Sounds like you are having a lot of fun since you left North Ranch. If you haven't been to the Caverns yet, be sure to take the "self-guided" tour. I don't know what they charge for it now but it is well worth the money. They give you a set of earphones with taped recordings that are "spot activated" and it tells you what to look for in each area as you walk the trail through the Caverns. We would have missed a lot of stuff without the earphones.

    Enjoy and don't worry about hurrying home. It'll be there when you get there.

    Hugs.....Pat and Mike


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